Module 3: Genius
Performance: Robert McLaughlin - Tuvan Throat Singer. Our Righteous Nation: Why America is Divided in Three: Jonathan Haidt - NYU Stern. Leadership Panel: C-level Executives Talk About Luxury: Miki Berardelli - Tory Burch and Damian Mould - Belstaff, Moderator: Scott Galloway - NYU Stern; L2. Top Digital Programs in Prestige: Maureen Mullen - L2. The New, New Panel: Kellee Khalil -, Hashem Bajwa - DE-DE / Thunderclap, Carolyn Parent - timeRAZOR, Caroline Van Sickle - Pretty in my Pocket, Moderator: Luke Williams NYU Stern. The Human Face of Big Data: Rick Smolan - Against All Odds Productions. Closing Thoughts: Scott Galloway - NYU Stern; L2.
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