Andrew Federman is a New York City-based visual artist specializing in graphic recording (live, hand-drawn visual notes) and performance and event photography.

Visual Notes (Graphic Recording)

With more than nineteen years of experience in the world of collaborative meeting design and implementation, Andrew brings passion and a keen aesthetic eye to his work as a graphic recorder. Since 2003, he has worked with numerous corporations, non-profits, healthcare providers, schools, and government agencies, using his drawing and design skills to visually capture and synthesize conversations (live and in real-time), facilitating greater collaboration and engagement in groups both large and small. For some examples of his graphic recording work, click here.


Andrew has photographed the public-facing and behind-the-scenes action at televised musical performances,  professional sporting events, thought-leadership conferences, theatrical productions, and world-record setting spectacles, just to name a few. He has developed a deep and varied relationship with Google, capturing everything from the Google Science Fair, to commercial campaigns for Android & Chrome for work. To see his live event photography work, visit the event gallery page.